Follow an interview with The Gossip’s Nathan Howdeshell

To celebrate this month’s world exclusive cover feature with The Gossip, Dazed & Confused will be giving their readers the unique chance to interview band member Nathan Howdeshell in an entirely new way: over Twitter!

In a bold online experiment which aims to bring the band closer than ever to their many fans, Nathan, who is a keen blogger & technology enthusiast, will be taking questions about new album Music For Men from 7pm to 8pm UK time on Tuesday 28th May.

Anyone can watch the Q&A in progress by following @DazedMagazine & @TheGossipBand, & to ask a question, send a reply or a direct message to @DazedMagazine. There will also be a very special surprise for all Gossip fans announced at the end of the interview!

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